Best concealer for under eye wrinkles

So now that I am getting older the wrinkles are increasing more and more.

I have been trying to find a concealer for the longest time that doesn’t crease or cake under my eyes. I swear I have tried it all.

This concealer has finally answered my prayers. It’s the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. It’s very similar to the MAC prolong wear concealer. That for some reason just didn’t work for me. It has great coverage but doesn’t settle in my fine lines.

Just wanted to share my new holy grail concealer. Sorry for the lack of posts!! Many more to come!!! Love you all!



October Ipsy Glam Bag

So I have been receiving the Ipsy bags since February and I think it’s time to start posting them! I absolutely LOVE getting these every month! You can have the worst day and then this little bag shows up and makes your day better! I also receive the Glossybox so as soon as I get it in the mail I will also post it. 


So this months bag was adorable! I love the little saying on the outside of the bag, not to mention some products I’m excited to try. I have already used the Zoya nail polish I got. I put it on last night! Very pretty and appropriate for fall! Such a pretty purple color! I can see myself coming up with some fun things to do with this color. I also used the lotion. It has a nice scent. The coconut definitely comes through! And it’s very thick but soaks in well. Haven’t tried the other products yet but I will let you know if they’re anything to rave about!!! 


So here is everything that was in the bag! Oogle and Google and enjoy!!! Image


NYX Butterglosses

So it’s about time I rave about this product. I pretty much love all NYX products but these are by far my favorites

If you haven’t tried these yet, stop reading this. Go out and buy a few of these right now! No, seriously GO!!! Lol These are my all time favorite lip glosses! 

NYX really hit the nail on the head with the formula for these puppies. Glossy and smooth yet not sticky and tacky like some lip glosses can tend to be. As much as I love lip gloss, I hate when the formula is sticky. These aren’t sticky at all. 

Also the color payoff is amazing. You can wear the gloss by itself or top your favorite lipstick for a glossy finish. I always experiment with different combos to get a different effect. 

So far my favorite is the Creme Brûlée. It’s my favorite to wear just on its own or paired with a nude lipstick. Or even a darker brown lipstick to soften it up a bit. 

You can get NYX products mostly at ULTA. But I have heard that Target is starting to carry YX products. My Target doesn’t have them yet. They run about $4.99 a piece but there is almost always a sale on these. At ULTA right now NYX products are 40% off. So they are now $2.99. Last week they were buy one get one half off. Totally worth it. You bet I’ll be going to pick a few more up this week!! 

NYX has so many other wonderful products. Love their eyeshadows too! Such great quality for drug store prices. 

So if you haven’t tried or heard of NYX before. Make sure to try this product out! Till next time!!! 

Remind yourself YOU are FABULOUS!!!!Image


Ok. So Halloween begins my absolute favorite time of year! From now till Valentine’s Day, I am one happy camper!!! 

So since I have finally launched my YouTube channel I figured I would also do a few Halloween Makeup tutorials! I have a few in mind but I wanted some input also!! 


PLEASE comment below and let me know if there is a Halloween look that you would like to see done!! 

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Thanks so much!!! Lots of love!

Embracing Fall

Quick little blog!!! I know you all love when I post nail pictures! So here are is my first go at some fall inspired nails.

This is again an Essie color accented with a gold design polish I have.

I love all the colors that are in trend for fall this season. Deep plums, purples, gold, burnt orange and browns. All my favorite!!!

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Thanks so much!!!



Guess who’s finally on YouTube? This girl!! Been long overdue!!! This is my first time making AND editing a video. Please be kind! Lol.

The video is uploading now! It’s a video on my fall makeup favorites right now!!! Please watch and subscribe to my channel!! You all have been wonderful and hope to see you all there!!! Thanks so much!